Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's go Camping ... Vintage Style!

♥ and don't forget the kitchen sink ♥
... we'll sleep under the stars on our sweet blanket ...

... and dine from the most adorable picnic set ever ...

... of course we'll need a compass ...

... reading material ...

... and a sweet fishin' basket too ...

♥ Just a few of my Etsy favorites ♥


  1. Thanks very much for featuring the picnic set. It really is a cute one! I love the feature

  2. What a fun idea!!!! Vintage camping!!! I love it! Thanks for choosing my retro quilt to go along with these other fabulous items!

  3. Awesome! Love the quilt! Looks like some we have from our grandparents. Thanks for including my camping books! New stuff my be sleeker, or "greener" but there's no school like old school!

  4. wow - that sink is awsome! My living room is completly decked out in that colour orange choccy brown and cream - so retro :) Debs


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